Folk Group


The Chino Errnacora folk group from Tarcento (Udine) was founded in 1952 by Vittorio Gritti. It was named after Chino Ermacora, the “bard” of Friuli.

The dancers wear traditional folk costumes as well as original accessories, ornaments and shoes.

The folk group has adopted as its costume the costume of Poffabro (Maniago area) closely following the original costumes which are kept in the “Museum of Art and Traditional Folklore” in Udine and minutely detailed by Prof. Lea D’Orlandi and by Prof. Gaetano Perusini.

The group not only performs traditional folk dances, but also new choreographies based on everyday life situations.

In this way one step further has been taken in the evolution of folk dance.

On this basis the group is able to offer performances which are both in line with tradition and the new trends in ethnic expression.